Hottest Interior Paint Colors of 2018


Eight Picks for the year’s trending colors and highlights and how to use the hues in your home.

Ask eight experts to forecast the hottest interior paint color for 2018, and you’ll get eight different answers: a dreamy blue, a sea foam green, a golden yellow, an adventurous blue, an intense green, a vivid red, and—surprisingly—two shades of black.

Color experts keep an eye out for trends, traveling around the country and abroad, and taking cues from the arts, fashion, pop culture, and the automotive industry, among other areas. And major paint manufacturers have in-house color experts who identify these trends, create new palettes, name each color, and more. Often, the experts’ descriptions of their paints are as inspirational as the color names themselves.

Below, predictions from eight paint brands on the interior paint colors they say will be popular in 2018, plus details on how and where you can try them in your house.

Behr: In the Moment T18-15

A room painted in Behr In the Moment T18-15 paint

Clark + Kensington: River Rapids 29B-3

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Honeycomb

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Honeycomb HGSW2133 on a stylish interior barn door.

HGSW2133Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside SW6496

A room painted in Sherwin-Williams Oceanside SW6496 interior paint

Valspar: Favorite Green 5011-4

Valspar: Favorite Green 5011-4 in an entryway.

Benjamin Moore: Caliente AF-290

A room painted in Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290 interior paintOlympic: Black Magic OL116

A room painted in Olympic Black Magic OL116 interior paint

Glidden: Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000

A room painted in Glidden Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000 interior paint

Excerpt: Consumer Reports